October 15, 2005

Round The Reader - Saturday

OK, I lied. Round The Reader won't be late. Surprisingly enough, I made it up out of bed very early this morning. So here it is for October 15, 2005, Round The Reader:

This little fictitious piece from A.M. Siriano will either crack you up or totally piss you off. It cracked me up. Who says we conservatives can't make fun of ourselves?

Bob Parks tells us how we can win the war on terror, and takes a look at one of the President's speeches. He also calls out the Democrats and askes them, "what's YOUR plan?" -

And here's a snippit from his latest article. This is something I have been saying for a long time now.
First of all if it were up to me, I would expel all embedded reporters from the war zone. Despite the egos of our journalist class, our latest enemy's bullets don't swerve around people with press credentials. Especially with political correctness removing the word “terrorist” from certain press outlet spell checks, getting agenda-driven news off the air is essential.

FINALLY, someone saying it like it is in regards to this whole Harriet Miers nomination. When I was over at Common Sense Runs Wild and read her post about Harriet Miers I knew I had to make it part of this edition of RTR. Quote...
Let's face it, this entire kerfuffle is much less about Harriet Miers than it is about egos of the people criticizing the nominee.

Yes, the opinionated blogosphere is here to stay. Now, repeat that sentence as necessary until you start believing it yourself. Moonbat Monitor has convinced me while giving ole Walter boy a tongue lashing.

Earlier in the week I had posted a test by Donegal Express titled, "Are You A Cultural Catholic?"; now Tom tells us exactly what it means to be a Cultural Catholic. I have saved this one and plan on re-reading it several times. I believe it to be a keeper and a classic to come.

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Oh wait, damn, is this Saturday? Cause I see E.D. Hill, Steve, and Brian on Fox and Friends. This can't be right. Is it because of the "Iraq: A New Era" voting for new constitution? Are they saying the weekend crew can't handle this event? I tell ya, I used to really like Fox and Friends, but lately....the past year or so? Eh, I can take 'em or leave 'em.

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i love a good tongue lashing!

10/15/2005 08:00:00 AM

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