October 08, 2005

Round The Reader - Saturday

Well, thank God for Round the Reader making me get back into blogworld. I have not been into this thing lately. I have been disgusted of late with all the CRAP going on.

However, when I read stuff like the following I get all riled up again. Thanks Beth!

I love it when Beth writes ANYTHING! She is up first on the Round the Reader. Please, go read what she has to say on The Bloviating Bow-Tie And His Cheerleaders.

And A.M. Siriano cracked me up with this one! How true though, this is exactly how I feel too!
Personally I have found the sniping of conservatives downright embarrassing. I could never be a part of Washington, because I would just start beating the crap out of people.

God! FINALLY someone has a brilliant idea from our side. Mark Noonan says to get out your crazy glue. I'm going to Office Max and buy a whole damned case!

Amy Welborn needs to join AA; her words not mine! Oh all right, she is really talking about Andrew Sullivan and catholicism.

Alabama has some tougher laws regarding sex offenders.

Have you been to your GOP.com lately? No? Check this out...Intercepted Al-Qaeda Letter Shows War On Terror Working…

Now go and check out others participating in Round The Reader.

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Yeah, I know it was a short RTR this week. What can I say? I have been so &^#$ (*@#*$ &^^%$ lately! I need to go and pray for a priest or something.

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Blogger Beth said...

Thanks, sweetie!
And y'know, shorter link dumps are usually better--too many and nobody reads the linked posts! So I say EXCELLENT! (Especially since mine was there...haha)

10/08/2005 02:43:00 PM


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