October 01, 2005

Round The Reader - Saturday Edition

First up on Round The Reader, and as promised, here is Bill Bennett on Hannity and Colmes transcript. My favorite part?
HANNITY: And I'm glad to hear you say what you said here. I want you to respond to those democrats that are grandstanding, the same ones that had Robert Byrd, the former Klansman as their leader. The ones that didn't speak out about Congressman Rangle's "Bull" Connor remark.

BENNETT: Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's see, you got Kennedy. I will — I'll not take instruction from Teddy Kennedy. A young woman likely drowned because of his negligence. I'll take no moral instruction with him. That's much worse than legal gambling what Teddy Kennedy did. He should make no judgments at all about people. He shouldn't be in the Senate. As far as racist and all this other stuff, I'll put my record up with Howard Dean, with Harry Reid.

When I was drug czar, you bet, we were working on the issue of black crime, Alan and Sean, because there was a lot of crime in the black community. And you know who most of the victims are? Their black people. Yeah, black violence — black-on-black violence is very serious. I went to about 120 inner city communities. That's where the senate wanted me to go, that's where the Senate wanted me to go, that's where I wanted to go. We went after public housing and we went after the bad guys. And you know what? We got the bad guys. And drug use went down. And we raised the price and lowered the purity of cocaine. And we arrested four of the most powerful drug dealers in the world. And got a lot of these guys off the street. And I am very proud of that. Because when we went into the inner city black community, the people said to me, Mr. Czar, or Czar, or Mr. Bennett, you get those people off the street and protect us. And we did our best to do it.

Before that, when I was secretary of education, I took on what I think is one of the great civil rights issues of our time, which is educational opportunity and educational choice. The stupid ghettoized curriculum we have, the fact that these black kids go to lousy schools and aren't allowed to choose the schools of their choice because they don't have the money and don't have the opportunity.

I've been at this for 25 years and I have been called everything in the book, but I will stay at what I do because I believe it.

Let me just tell you, when it comes to abortion, my wife's program, Best Friends, has kept more young women from having abortions because they don't get pregnant because they take her good counsel...

HANNITY: Let me...

BENNETT: Than the entire black caucus. She has done more for inner city black girls than the entire black caucus. So I will not bow my head to any of these people. I will not give up the ground of compassion and sympathy. But I'll tell you, we have real issues and we have got to talk about them candidly. And if you don't think there are people who are making draconian proposals about abortion and this and that and the other thing, you know, you don't know the nature...

Can anyone say Presidential Candidate in 2008?

And for all you morons out there who think Bennett is a racist for his radio comments regarding black abortion....he was making a FUCKING point FOR YOU! Dumbasses. His reply on Hannity and Colmes,
BENNETT: Sure. Well, the context was a radio show that I was doing yesterday, and the topic was abortion and we were talking about bad arguments in regard to abortion. A caller suggested he was opposed to abortion because he said if there were more babies there would be, eventually, more tax payers and a larger GNP, a smaller deficit. I said you want to be careful with that kind of argument because someone could postulate a situation where child's not likely to be a productive taxpayer. I said, arguments in which you take something that's far out, like the GNP and try to connect it up with abortion are tricky. I said make the case of abortion on the basis of life and protecting life. I said abortion is invoked in another way — you could make an argument that if you wanted to lower the crime rate, you saw the quote — you could practice abortion in very large numbers. You could do it in the black community. You could do it in other places. This is, by the way, the subject of a book for economics by a professor at Yale.

I said, however, if you were to practice that, widespread abortion in the black community or any other community, it would be ridiculous, impossible, and I appreciate you putting it on the screen, morally reprehensible. So I think morally reprehensible, when that is included in the quote makes it perfectly clear what my position is. A number of the people whom you have cited as condemning me have not made the inclusion of that remark, and so they make it seem, Alan, as if I am supporting such a monstrous idea, which of course I don't.

Just like idiots to take something and blow it all out of proportion. Wise up people. There is no news here, people, get off your damned soap box, move on and quit wasting the airwaves.

The American Princess has more to say on this topic. And she does a much better job of writing about it then my few knee-jerk paragraphs.

Oh, I did some quick searches; abortion statistics. You'll be surprised.

More statistics,
# Race - 63% of abortion patients are white, however, black women are more than 3 times as likely to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.5 times as likely.

When I heard Bill Bennett speak last night on Hannity and Colmes I immediately thought of Stacy of Not A Desperate Housewife. If you have not been yet please check out her article on A New Racism.

Also, when I linked Stacy's article here the other day Diane commented with another wonderful article titled, Tribes, from Eject! Eject! Eject!, another must read.

The Conservative Voice has a good little read for ya this Saturday; Mary Mostert has an article up titled, Let's Pretend Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco Were White Men.....
[....] let’s pretend for a minute that the incompetent mayor and governor were white men, instead of being black and female. If they were white men, how long would it take the media and my South African reader would be demanding that they resign for incompetence or be impeached for the anarchy instigated in what appears to be a deliberate political extortion ploy. Apparently they thought by accusing the President of "racism" the Republican Congress would give them hush money. I think they may have overplayed their hand.

WOW. Go read Sissy Willis. She talks about the Mini-NCO Academy in Iraq. The main stream media would never report such a thing. Thank you Sisu!

Please God, someone tell me this is not true, found on The Onion; Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans. OK, I will now be removing The Onion from being linked on my sidebar because this was just a sick joke, no matter what you think of Cindy Sheehan. Found this story to be FALSE via The Snope. OK, I realize I could not have posted this story but I thought I would go ahead and leave it up as an example of a misguided, warped perception of so-called humor.

Ramblings of a Regular Ron has a list of objectionable books. I swear, people have gone and lost their ever lovin' minds. Hell, let's go ahead and get rid of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn while we're at it.

Calling all wannabe big bad blog columnists, submit your work to The Rant.
TheRant.us accepts submissions from people of all avenues of thought, we just reserve the right not to print them.

The Dummocrats run in with their college picks for this week. Ranked #15 Alabama gets a nod, hell yeah! I have friends going to this game and I am so jealous. I won't be able to watch it on TV either, having to take my kiddies to their own football games and such. Ah, but is not that the sweetest?

Another reason to stamp out the U.N.

Finally, something I can maybe afford, but I'll have to "borrow" it from my children. Oh wait, I don't think this is for U.S. children. Windup? Google, Advanced Micro Devices, News Corp., Red Hat and BrightStar; got your stock yet?

Stop the presses! I have found the true guilty party behind hurricanes Katrina and Rita. No, it's NOT George W. Bush but the novelist Michael Crichton himself! That's right folks, it's his fault. Mr. Crichton goes to Washington and it's ridiculous, or is it?

And just in case they have open trackbacks this weekend, go on over to:

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This is just to fulfill their trackback policies, well you should read them and blogroll them too!

Are you really that bored? Try this on for size. Come on, you know you want to, I know you have it in you.

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Blogger Sissy Willis said...

Thank YOU, Gray Tie, for the nice mention. Great blog, by the way. :)

10/01/2005 06:08:00 AM

Anonymous moonbat monitor said...

i was thrilled to see Bennet stand up to the race-pimps trying to politicize this. He said exactly what he should have said, especially about Kennedy.

They're trying to politicize this with the distortion of facts, and bennet shouldn't let them get away with it.

10/01/2005 07:53:00 AM

Blogger Karen said...

Bennett is rock solid in his beliefs and this drives moonbats crazy. He is the last person to advocate for abortion and he is hardly racist. Jeez. I guess foul is only called if you are a white male Republican. The Dems can say absolutely anything and the msm and their peers look the other way with deaf ears.

10/01/2005 02:54:00 PM

Anonymous Diane said...

Wow woman! Those are some good links. Great job :)

10/02/2005 12:57:00 PM


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