September 08, 2005

Yeah, I'm Still Here

I am only home for an hour or two to let kids eat and do homework and then we are back out the door. I've been gone since 7:30 this morning, uh actually doing stuff and getting some much needed work done. But, ssshhhh, don't tell anyone! Granted, most of it was personal stuff but I did get SOME paperwork done that needed to be done. I hope to finish it off this evening.

Went out to eat with some girlfriends; went to Cracker Barrel and I pigged out! Ordered the Sunrise Sampler breakfast and proceeded to eat every last bite.

Today has been a good day I reckon. It is amazing what can happen when one gets up off arse and puts one foot in front of the other. But don't pat me on the back for shit I am supposed to be doing anyway! If ya do that then I'll get all full of myself again and the viscous cycle starts again.

Today is Thursday so I am going to try stupid support group again at 6:00 this evening. They had better not cancel on me this time dammit.

If you really don't give a flyin' flip about anything I typed above then check out the Bonfire of the Anonymity brought to you by MacStansbury.

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I am so tired right now I can't even think of smart ass comment to make for MacStansbury and his Bonfire of the Anonymity; except that he must come up with better acronym than AotA or BotA. And I will break rules already because he says no trackbacks, well we'll see about that one!

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Blogger John said...

it wasn't like I said you couldn't trackback to me, it just would be redundant.

and the acronym is BotA's. don't forget the 's.

9/08/2005 04:49:00 PM


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