September 01, 2005

Where's The Love?!

HEY YOU! Why didn't anyone tell me that my blog looked all screwed up in Explorer? I told you it looked screwy in Explorer but damn, I didn't know it sucked that badly. Someone finally pointed out to me that in Explorer my blog was all BIG. I finally opened up Explorer to view the damned blog and sure enough, it was all screwed up. I fixed it the best I could except now my sidebar has fallen down and it can't get back up. HELP.

Someone do me a fav and look at page source and tell me what the hell I am doing wrong. Although, all you have to do to see me straight is to view it through FIREFOX. TAKE BACK THE WEB cause Explorer SUCKS. Oh wait, it just may be my sucky skills at html code.

pffft, all this on the Hurricane Relief Blogging Day too and all those trackbacks I did. Embarrassing.

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Blogger John said...

you can look up W3C css validators and make your page valid that way.

you seem to have a lot of little things that make IE sad.

plus, you have to make sure all your elements are inside one of the tags in your css.

and now I'm officially bored you to tears.

this, my friends, is why I never score with the ladies.

9/02/2005 12:08:00 AM

Blogger hbl said...

Send me your template and I will take a shot at it tomorrow.

9/04/2005 02:13:00 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Yeah, what Mac said. Blah blah blah and blah.

Who fuckin' uses IE, anyway? ;-)

9/04/2005 06:12:00 PM

Blogger The Gray Tie said...

baahahahahahah I love it when you talk like that!

9/04/2005 06:26:00 PM


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