September 05, 2005

Tim Russert, Blame Game, And Calling For Michael Chertoff's Resignation

I have no idea how reliable NewsMax is but found this at Jo's Cafe via a commenter named Leanne. It's an interesting read. Full Story Here

I was surprised Sunday to watch Tim Russert, on his show "Meet the Press," tear into Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff. During his encounter with Chertoff, Russert did not suggest once that local government had any role in dealing with the disaster. Russert also asked for Chertoff's resignation.

Also found at Jo's Cafe, a story about who else? Yes, Sean Penn; love blogging about these Hollywood mooncalfs (or is that mooncalves?). I heard on the news the other day that John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, and who knows who else is going to show up for photo ops. It was funny though, the reporter was trying to ask the person about the "BIG ONE" coming and the guy said, "Oprah" and the reporter meant the PRESIDENT! Damn star-struck, simple-minded, overstressed masses, and shame on Hollywood for taking advantage. Whatever.

Oh yeah and one more thing, totally unrelated; check out Pot Belly Stove's question regarding the big M. I'm impressed, indeed. I'd like a follow up on this, please. But I suppose no one is perfect.

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