September 16, 2005

Some Sex Offenders Get To Quit Probation

This from The Arizona Republic, some excerpts followed by my deliverance of judgment on the whole demented notion of letting sex offenders off their probation.

Sex offenders who were supposed to be monitored for life are beginning to ask to be let off probation in Maricopa County - and some of their requests are getting the OK....

...Those who agree with them say there should be some sort of "light at the end of the tunnel" to motivate sex offenders to comply with treatment requirements and behavioral restrictions.

The light at the end of the tunnel should be a freight train barreling down the tracks at the monsters, running over their sick asses. "Comply with treatment.." what a joke. Oh hell while we are at it let's just let all the killers and rapists out of prison and off of death row who say they have found God or who tell us they have been rehabilitated. I believe them, don't you?

Before a judge terminates that, he looks at the severity of the offense and whether the concerns that initially triggered lifetime monitoring have been addressed. Also factored into the decision are the sex offender's performance on probation, risk assessments, and the victim's opinion.

I have a few names for you on this one: Joseph Edward Duncan and his previous dumbass Judge Thomas Schroeder.

Those most likely to get a second chance include offenders involved in statutory rapes or incestuous relationships.

Oh well then, those types of sex offenders are fine to let off probation. Wake up people! What makes those sex offenders any less dangerous? This is stupidity at it's fullest. Incestuous "relationships", sickening. I can guarantee you that the victim of the incestuous "relationship" was not a volunteer. But go ahead and let them off their probation cause they are "different". Makes me want to spew.

But Charles Onley, a research associate at the Center for Sex Offender Management, cautioned, "Not all sex offenders are the same.

"You may have guys who are in for Internet porn and never touched a kid. You may have guys in for statutory rape. There's a lot to be said for what type of offender you have there. How much of a threat does he actually present to the community?"

Anyone care to take a stab at what makes them different? Didn't think so. For the pedophiles the one thing they have in common is CHILDREN whether it's "just looking at porn" or whatever, still a crime and still a pedophile and still a sicko that needs to be locked up far away from society! Hello?!

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Blogger Ranger Tom said...

Agree with you there GT, lock em' up and never let em' out.

9/16/2005 03:36:00 PM

Blogger My Kid's Mom said...

GT: Just look at the statistics - the "cure rate" for pedophilia is close to zero (it's next to impossible to treat, there's NO guarantee that they won't molest again), and their resistance during treatment is enormous. The judges who allow this to happen should be asked a simple question - would you let this sex offender be left alone with your child?? Disgusting.

9/16/2005 06:25:00 PM


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