September 25, 2005

Round The Reader - Better Late Than Never Edition

Sorry folks for the tardiness of this Round The Reader Edition. See post below for explanation. And let's hope I am quick about THIS post before I lose power, storms are a brewing down here in the south.

I called for submissions from The Cotillion and Charmaine, from Reasoned Audacity, submitted the following article from her blog, titled "The Pimp Mommy". I remember something similar to this from a few months back, I do hope this is the same article and NOT a new Pimp Mother. What is it with these sick women; pimping out their daughters?!

And just a heads up regarding the Cotillion, we won't be having a carnival this week but stay tuned for new and exciting news from the Cotillion. I think something is brewing with the ladies from the Cotillion, something new and exciting.

Conservative Thinking
is growing by leaps and bounds and they want your input on a few things. Also, Chris reports on the latest Cindy Sheehan and media bias arena.

If you haven't been there lately, go to Take Back The Memorial site. I'll be doing something with that later, I see this on everyone's blog and I am embarrassed to say I have only just now checked it out. Shame on me. It will become a permanent link on my sidebar. The lastest from Take Back The Memorial is titled, Hillary Comes Out Against Freedom Center.

You know I cannot do a 'Round The Reader without Debbie Schlussel. I mean I like Michelle Malkin and all and I'll get to her in a second as well. And wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find just ONE outstanding post from Schlussel, cause damn, they are all excellent. Here are three of her latest blog entries.

Flight Attendants Cite Schlussel in "Flight Plan" Boycott
Classy Lesbian Activist E-Mail of the Week
OY VEY! Not Dr. Phil AGAIN! . . . .on ABC News

Now, Michelle Malkin posts something ugly about Bill Maher. Is this something surprising for us conservative Republicans? I think not. But thank you Ms. Malkin for posting about the scumbag anyway. I cannot stand Bill Maher, never could stand him; creepazoid. And, it appears Malkin has something for the other Moonbats as well. She has now impressed me with this post.

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a most excellent post up regarding the strategy for Right VS. Left blogosphering. I don't know if blogosphering is a word but it is now. Expect more great posts like this from Beth now that she has herself some regular fill in bloggers doing her other "dirty" work. Now she has more time to rant like she really wants, justifiable too!

A little taste from Ms. Beth's post titled, It's The Strategy, Stupid,
I wouldn’t say “White House talking points” is accurate, but it is on point; a more accurate statement would be that conservatives (especially bloggers) have been violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment (of which I am fond of repeating): “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

Does this mean we should all nod our heads obediently and never disagree? Of course not. There’s always been disagreement within the ranks of the right, but the difference is that before the Information Age and the rise of blogs, Republicans were better focused, had a better sense of priorities. And let’s be honest: bloggers are a pretty mouthy, independent bunch (myself included), some being almost rogues. Nothing wrong with being outspoken and independent thinkers, of course–but far too many are honestly very poor political strategists.

From the Roman Catholic Blog we have a recent entry about Witch Hunts for Gay Priests. The blog also points to The Anchoress for some great articles and I will do the same.

The Anchoress first does a book review on Catholic Women's Book Of Days. And then The Anchoress says it all with this post titled, Not Having Any Fun?. Here is a little taste of what The Anchoress has to say regarding the most recent political blogging,
So, yes…I think SOME folks on the right are tired - they’re tired of dealing with the nagging, the scolding, the endless negativism and fault-finding. Or, maybe they’re just bored with it. Maybe they’re just fed up with knowing that - for anyone in the GOP - nothing they do (or don’t do) is ever, ever the correct thing.

Well said, indeed.

And with that folks, I think I'll turn it in.

OH WAIT...I must share this blog with ya'll; The Moonbat Monitor, and I don't think this needs any explanation from The Gray Tie.

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Now, back to real life.

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