September 04, 2005

I May Regret This, But....

If you are bored out of your ever lovin' mind then help me write some damned guidelines for this silly blog. Your smart ass remarks are welcome but may be deleted. Hey, there's my first one.

Of course I will give you permanent credit for your original entries. Your URL will be linked in the guideline content.


Let's say that Merry Mad Monk chimed in with, "A word about looters: shotgun." Then I'd make it whatever number in the guideline and MMM would have a permanent link.

Or what if My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy submits something like this, "PLEASE don’t waste your time complaining about discrimination, though, blame the fucking spammers." Then she will get a permanent link on the guidelines too.

See how that works? Uh, cause I ain't taken the fall for all the smartassery.

I know, I know, I am putting way too much thought into this whole blog thang, but not really, that's why I'm ASKING YOU to help out.

OK then, now I'm off to find that "Parental Advisory" graphic for the ole site.

OH AND ONE MORE THING....earlier in the evening I put up a post about this being Saturday night and how pitiful I was to be sitting here in front of computer blogging. Well, I just realized it isn't Saturday, but Sunday instead. DAMN, what is the matter with ya'll? Do you LIKE seeing someone coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of her britches? Ya sickos!

WAIT, absolutely one last thing; see that link over there on the side bar that says, "W.I.E."? It shows how many readers are online right now? Well,do me a favor and click it and at least put your name up so I can see who is online. OK? Just humor me, please. I can see all the smart assery names popping up now ;-)

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