September 21, 2005

I Heart All Things Italian

And here is yet another reason to love the Italians.

H/T: The Cotillion

Here is an article By Stefania Lapenna titled, "A Farewell To Imams".

Some excerpts:
After the London bombings, most of Europe has begun to wake up to the nature of the enemy and many concede that nobody is immune to it. Over the last few weeks, the Italian interior minister, Giuseppe Pisanu, has toughened anti-terror laws and made hate speech punishable with jail or forced expulsion.

And then there is this, also from the same article:
What is certain is that a network of controversial groups organizes illegal actions, and thus violates the Italian law. One of these is the so-called "Islamic Anti-Defamation League" (IADL) established by a minority of Muslims whose goal is "monitoring anti-Islamist writings and defeating racism". In truth, it is nothing but an anti-constitutional group willing to limit free speech, mainly criticism of Islam and certain aspects of it.

Some IADL members have been monitoring several blogs, threatening the owners with lawsuits defaming and publishing personal info of those who "dare" to criticize fundamentalism. Among the victims of this intimidation is a columnist for liberal newspapers such as Il Riformista and L'Opinione. The owner of a self-titled blog is "guilty" of posting about the "anti-imperialist camp's" secret ties to terrorist organizations. A member of the "monitoring group" has commented on his blog warning him to "rest assured that, from today, you have new visitors". But the blogger has responded by informing the investigative authorities, who have opened an inquiry into this secret organization.

All I can say is BRING IT ON!

Last sentence, very important indeed:
The next move will tell us whether Italy has once and for all realized that tolerance toward intolerance has failed.

Rock on Stefania!

Ms. Lapenna is the owner of the blog titled, "Free Thoughts" as well as a Cotillion member.

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Blogger John said...

Technorati tags are:


they just impress the geeks, and don't do much else. I don't use 'em, and still it works out fine.

9/21/2005 06:46:00 PM

Blogger John Sobieski said...

There was an Italian who used to post at Jihad Watch . The discussion about illegal Muslim immigrants was depressing. Italy is being literally overrun by Muslims escaping the cesspool of Africa and they literally cannot ship them back faster than they arrive. The guy just sounded totally resigned to Italy being overrun by Islam, the initial phase of that dreaded disease dhimmitude. Italy has a huge refugee compound at the heel of Italy that is overcrowded and Italy doesn't know what to do. All those EU laws protecing illegal aliens makes returning them all but impossible.

John Sobieski, PI
The Pedestrian Infidel Blog

9/21/2005 06:49:00 PM

Blogger The Gray Tie said...

Mac - thanks, I guess. I thought it was for some kind of rating or something.

John Sobieski - thanks for commenting and the information.

9/21/2005 07:00:00 PM


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