September 07, 2005

A Conversation, A Real One

Yes, I was sort of eavesdropping and then I could not help myself!

Liberal Friend to another Liberal Friend: "yeah, I saw where President Bush had his photo ops with some beautiful light skinned women of African descent down there in New Orleans."

Other Liberal Friend: (shaking head in agreement and disgust)

Me: "And your point is what exactly?"

Liberal Friend: "I just thought it was interesting."

Me: "And if he had been hugging, oh let's say some ugly ass Mexican then it would mean more for you?"

Liberal Friend: "Well no, but it just wasn't what was represented down there."

Me: "WHAT?! So those beautiful light skinned women weren't real? They were only a figment of the President's imagination? and yours? and mine?"

Other Liberal Friend: finally chimes in with, "but those 'people' don't represent the population down there."

Me: "Like I said, so those two beautiful light skinned women weren't real for you? They didn't count? They didn't suffer because they are beautiful to you?"

Liberal Friend: "Well, it would have been the same if Clinton would have been hugging two beautiful light skinned women, I still wouldn't agree with it, still a photo op."

Me: "No, if it had been Clinton it would be called Rated R."

OK, I really didn't say that last thing. I just rolled my eyes at them and gave up. Like talking to brick wall. But these two friends are very good friends of mine and we can agree to disagree. They hugged my neck and I hugged theirs and then we really got down to what was bothering me. Had a nice chat.

Oh hell, I forgot to update ya'll on stupid support group thing. I got all worked up and ready to go in swinging. So, I drive up to building, sit in car and smoke another cigarette and try to prepare mentally. Sit there for a good ten minutes. Get out of car, make sure I have keys in hand, lock door and slam it shut. When I get up to entrance there are signs posted saying, "All group meetings canceled for tonight." LOLOLOL Well, I was pissed off then, I tell ya! All that mental masturbation for NOTHING. They meet on Thursdays too. Now, they'll really get an earful from me.

Disclaimer for the politically correct: For my said comment above regarding "ugly ass Mexican", it was just a random thought pulled from thin air. Not all Mexicans are ugly and neither are their asses. Oh yeah, and GFY <--the politically correct, not Mexicans.

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Blogger Tammy said...

It was CANCELED?!!? The nerve!

I come from a family of liberals...I roll my eyes alot!

9/07/2005 05:52:00 PM

Blogger Regular Ron said...

You know, the mantality on these idiots is unbelieveable to me. And The Ex-Impeached President(Yes folks he was IMPEACHED)Clinton, didn't do photo-ops?? Give me friggin break.

Moron's...ALL OF THEM.

Good thing I wasn't there, my "goomba" would of come out quick.


9/07/2005 06:15:00 PM

Blogger Stacy said...

haHA!! Cancelled? How funny.

9/07/2005 07:40:00 PM

Blogger Ranger Tom said...

Winston Churchill, one of the greatest conservatives of all time said this once:

"If you're a liberal under the age of 30 you have no heart, if you're a liberal over the age of 30, you have no brain..."

Ever notice that the left dosen't bat an eye when ever one of thier flunkies does something screwed up, but one person on the right farts sideways they're sceaming foul and running to the ACLU?

The left wants everyone to be tolerant of everything and everyone, but they are incapable of doing it themselves. They're tolerant of eveything and everyone as long as they're not a Christian conservative.

They hate them...

9/08/2005 09:02:00 AM


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