September 14, 2005

Ann Coulter Gets Dumped

The Arizona Daily Star dropped Ann Coulter's column this month, accusing her of being "shrill, bombastic, and mean-spirited." Translation: since the New York Times stopped permitting online newspapers to carry its syndicated columns, the paper had to get rid of their lone conservative columnist for balance. [...More...]

It's just like the liberal media to drop someone like Ann Coulter because they don't agree with her. The whole excuse of dropping her because she is conservative to make the paper balanced is one huge joke. It's more like balancing the scales to sit flatly on the ground to the left side. Whatever. Don't sweat the small stuff Ann.

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Blogger Ranger Tom said...

It doesn't suprize me an Arizona paper doing that. When I moved there in 98' it was VERY conservative... One of the reasons I moved ther in the first place.

But year after year there was so many Kalifornians moving there I really began so see the change politically.

9/14/2005 03:07:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well she is "shrill, bombastic, and mean-spirited!" It's all the more reason to love her!

9/14/2005 08:23:00 PM


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