September 29, 2005

An Early Moonbat Masquerade

Yeah, that's right I'm posting the Moonbat Masquerade an evening early. Why? I ain't tellin' ya. And no there aren't any surprises to come tomorrow. The Masquerade will stay up all day and evening tomorrow. I am not posting anything on the 30th of any month any more. Why? I ain't tellin' ya.

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Nickie Goomba came in with an early entry for the Masquerade with yet another moonbat Mayor Nagin conflict with the Feds moment; well sort of, hehehehe, good one Nickie, I wouldn't put it past him either! The dumbass. Oh yeah, let me not forget the governor Kathleen Blanco, wouldn't be a party without her now would it? The dumbass.

Found the next moonbat's little live journal entry from a submission by Multiple Mentality with a post titled, Rhetorical Thoughts. The link to the moonbat is in his post, I won't link it here but I will tell you what she said, some of it anyway,


Ain't that lovely?

Hey wait, Josh called Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and Sean Hannity our own little moonbats!

And this brings me to the last entry for the Masquerade which was sent in from The Man at The GOP And The City! He comes up with some outrageous quotes from Democrats such as Charles Rangel, Charles Barron, Major Owens, and of course this Masquerade wouldn't be complete without something from Kanye West. Did I just say outrageous? What was I thinking, we are talking about moonbats here.

Oh and please don't miss The Man's play by play in the comment section of his post, hilarious!

Since this Moonbat Masquerade was a tad early and you may not have gotten a chance to get in your submissions feel free to TRACKBACK them here to this post.

If you want to get in on this little party then check out the easy online fill-it-out-form over at Conservative Cat's place. Submissions are regularly due in by sometime late Thursday. Oh hell, I'll take them by Friday noon too.

Regular Moonbat Masquerade posting is late, late Friday evenings. Remember, don't let 'em get ya down, instead let me slice 'em and dice 'em, smother them with horseradish and serve them to you, on toast, at the Masquerade.

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I've always wanted to use that word in a post.

Off topic, did ya'll just hear Bill Bennett on Hannity and Colmes? I'm taking my pencil and writing him in on the 2008 Presidential voting ballot! Oh yeah you better bet this will be making the Round The Reader for Saturday!

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Stacy Speaks - Listen Up Folks!

Stacy of Not A Desperate Housewife speaks very directly on a topic of A New Racism.

I would post the whole damned thing here, right now, but instead here is a little taste of her words because I want you to click over to her site!

Foul has now been called so often that its lost its meaning. I am sickened that I now have to view black America with suspect. It breaks my heart to know that the people I have spent my life looking up to (Dr. King and Sojourner Truth) have been betrayed by their own people.

I find it ironic that the civil rights movement has taken the same path as the womens' rights movements. Both have reached a point where what they set out to accomplish has been done, yet neither have recognized it. So in order to continue a war that no longer exist, they fabricate issues to maintain their self importance.

I think Stacy is brave for speaking up on this topic, a topic I have often thought about myself. I will stand with her. It needed to be said and she has delivered with valor.

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Visuals Everywhere

Oh my....

Six Meat Buffet has some words for Cindy Sheeman a way with words and I ain't talkin' about his blockquote either!

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September 28, 2005

Moonbat Monitor

Has some news for ya'll.

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Pulled straight from The Rant. You decide.

SF Chronicle Duped By Fake Republican - The San Francisco Chronicle has quoted Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto, California as saying, "This is one of the most visible ways in which the Republicans are misleading America,'' and describe him as holding a sign at a rally that designates him as a "Republican" who is "ashamed of the GOP." The only problem is that he's a complete fraud.


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The Rant also goes on to report Eddy (the guy in the picture) donations to the DNC;

▪ May 23,2004 - $250 to John Kerry for President Inc.

▪ Feb 25, 2004 - $250 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee (Mrs. Eddy Exec. Dir. Compton Foundation)

▪ Feb 25, 2004 - $250 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee

▪ Aug 11, 2003 - $500 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee (Mrs. Eddy)

▪ Aug 11, 2003 - $500 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee

▪ Mar 17, 1999 - $500 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee

▪ Sep 25, 1998 - $250 to DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee

Of course ya'll probalby already knew all of this, I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

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My Christmas Shopping List

Here's a little gem I found that I'll be adding to my Christmas shopping list, a new book for children titled, Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed.

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Intellectual Conservative posts a book review/synopsis and A.M. Siriano gets an interview with the author, Katharine DeBrecht.

Here is just some of the interview,

AMS: Did it upset you to find yourself at number 10 on Democratic Underground's "The Top 10 Conservative Idiots" list (No. 214), or to see the attacks at Daily Kos and other liberal websites? There you are often called a Nazi, and one liberal insisted that your book should be burnt.

KB: It is an honor to be named in the top ten. It is funny that these liberals, who can't debate ideas, resort to their favorite name (Nazi) to call anyone they disagree with. It is even funnier that these same people talk about burning books.

Full Story and Interview

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September 27, 2005

Bloggers Extraordinaire

Here are two pieces from bloggers I try to read on a daily basis.

First one is from Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She has received an email from Iraq. "Big deal", you say? Yes, you bet your sweet bippy it's a big deal.

This email speaks directly of the lefty moonbat "peace" rallies helping the insurgents cause to destroy America. Yes, Cindy Sheeman, I believe this means YOU. The chicken shits over at the Cindy Sheeman blog don't have trackbacks enabled; cause you just know I'd ping their pathetic asses.

It is from a senior Marine stationed in Iraq, and here's just a little snippet from the email; one sentence that I believe speaks volumes,
The idiots at the peace rallies are what’s really hurting since the stated goals of the insurgents is to break down public support for the war in the US.

Please go read the whole post over at Beth's place. Oh yeah, and Beth, your blog is anything but crappy!

And from Jo's Cafe comes this post titled, The Anti-American President. A must read. The post is about Hillary being in bed with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Rep. Charlie Rangel, and ‘Bull’ Connor. Yes, I know that last guy is dead, and a Democrat by the way.

Jo breaks down the lefty moonbat remarks made at the Congressional Black Caucus. These outrageous remarks go from accusing President Bush of not allowing poor people, black people, and the elderly to vote all the way to, yes you guessed it, Bush being a racist.

Oh yeah, Jo said bitch...twice!

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September 26, 2005

On A More Personal Note...

And trust me this won't happen often, I thought I'd let ya'll know that my anemia is back. I went in for my yearly check up and my hemoglobin was down again at 5, should be up near a 13. So instead of being prescribed iron pills this time they are going to do an iron infusion. Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds, it's just an IV. I'll go in tomorrow for a few hours for that event.

This would explain a lot about me lately.

But on a more upbeat note, I have been busy today getting ready! LOL Imagine that, a 38 year old housewife and mom going back to school. I feel a little foolish but excited at the same time. I have FINALLY picked a major too; English. Don't laugh, I know my writing sucks as far as grammar, spelling, and punctuation go but hey, whatever. I already have English 101 and 102 under by my belt so I figured I'd just keep on going with the English motif.

The community college has a two year English program and I talked with advisors today and got my little schedule set up and talked with financial people and blah blah blah.

I'd like to go into publishing; we shall see. I reckon one can do a lot with an English degree, yes?

Aight peeps, need to get going and get kiddos settled in for the night. We are reading "Eragon" in the evenings. But first Magnificent Manchild needs shower, he is smelling ripe from football practice and Glorious Girlchild needs to use computer for homework.


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September 25, 2005

Round The Reader - Better Late Than Never Edition

Sorry folks for the tardiness of this Round The Reader Edition. See post below for explanation. And let's hope I am quick about THIS post before I lose power, storms are a brewing down here in the south.

I called for submissions from The Cotillion and Charmaine, from Reasoned Audacity, submitted the following article from her blog, titled "The Pimp Mommy". I remember something similar to this from a few months back, I do hope this is the same article and NOT a new Pimp Mother. What is it with these sick women; pimping out their daughters?!

And just a heads up regarding the Cotillion, we won't be having a carnival this week but stay tuned for new and exciting news from the Cotillion. I think something is brewing with the ladies from the Cotillion, something new and exciting.

Conservative Thinking
is growing by leaps and bounds and they want your input on a few things. Also, Chris reports on the latest Cindy Sheehan and media bias arena.

If you haven't been there lately, go to Take Back The Memorial site. I'll be doing something with that later, I see this on everyone's blog and I am embarrassed to say I have only just now checked it out. Shame on me. It will become a permanent link on my sidebar. The lastest from Take Back The Memorial is titled, Hillary Comes Out Against Freedom Center.

You know I cannot do a 'Round The Reader without Debbie Schlussel. I mean I like Michelle Malkin and all and I'll get to her in a second as well. And wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find just ONE outstanding post from Schlussel, cause damn, they are all excellent. Here are three of her latest blog entries.

Flight Attendants Cite Schlussel in "Flight Plan" Boycott
Classy Lesbian Activist E-Mail of the Week
OY VEY! Not Dr. Phil AGAIN! . . . .on ABC News

Now, Michelle Malkin posts something ugly about Bill Maher. Is this something surprising for us conservative Republicans? I think not. But thank you Ms. Malkin for posting about the scumbag anyway. I cannot stand Bill Maher, never could stand him; creepazoid. And, it appears Malkin has something for the other Moonbats as well. She has now impressed me with this post.

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a most excellent post up regarding the strategy for Right VS. Left blogosphering. I don't know if blogosphering is a word but it is now. Expect more great posts like this from Beth now that she has herself some regular fill in bloggers doing her other "dirty" work. Now she has more time to rant like she really wants, justifiable too!

A little taste from Ms. Beth's post titled, It's The Strategy, Stupid,
I wouldn’t say “White House talking points” is accurate, but it is on point; a more accurate statement would be that conservatives (especially bloggers) have been violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment (of which I am fond of repeating): “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

Does this mean we should all nod our heads obediently and never disagree? Of course not. There’s always been disagreement within the ranks of the right, but the difference is that before the Information Age and the rise of blogs, Republicans were better focused, had a better sense of priorities. And let’s be honest: bloggers are a pretty mouthy, independent bunch (myself included), some being almost rogues. Nothing wrong with being outspoken and independent thinkers, of course–but far too many are honestly very poor political strategists.

From the Roman Catholic Blog we have a recent entry about Witch Hunts for Gay Priests. The blog also points to The Anchoress for some great articles and I will do the same.

The Anchoress first does a book review on Catholic Women's Book Of Days. And then The Anchoress says it all with this post titled, Not Having Any Fun?. Here is a little taste of what The Anchoress has to say regarding the most recent political blogging,
So, yes…I think SOME folks on the right are tired - they’re tired of dealing with the nagging, the scolding, the endless negativism and fault-finding. Or, maybe they’re just bored with it. Maybe they’re just fed up with knowing that - for anyone in the GOP - nothing they do (or don’t do) is ever, ever the correct thing.

Well said, indeed.

And with that folks, I think I'll turn it in.

OH WAIT...I must share this blog with ya'll; The Moonbat Monitor, and I don't think this needs any explanation from The Gray Tie.

Now go and check out the other participants of Round The Reader:

Image Hosted by
Eliminating Bloggers Block One
Day At A Time. Learn More.
Monday: Cry Freedom


Wednesday: Conservative Thinking

Thursday: Me

Friday: Crystal Clear

Saturday: The Gray Tie

Sunday: ISOU
The Bench:
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
American Dinosaur

Now, back to real life.

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September 24, 2005

'Round The Reader DELAYED

Sorry folks, I have to delay my Round The Reader post til tomorrow. You see I woke up this morning and felt sick but I had two children to take out to ball fields, one had a game at 11:00 and the other at 2:00. So I ignored my sickness and went and stayed too long out in sun and now I am seriously paying for it, chills and then sweating, stomach cramps, blah blah blah. I'll be OK though and please accept my apologies about not getting the Round The Reader posted today. I'll try and have it for you tomorrow EVENING because my day is full again and it won't be until evening that I'll have a chance to post!

Again, I'm so sorry!

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September 23, 2005

The Moonbat Masquerade

'Round The Reader will be posted here sometime tomorrow (Saturday). Yes, I host that too, well on Saturdays anyway. And seeing how this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down at my computer I have NO IDEA what I am going to have up here for your reading pleasure.

Now onto the Masquerade!

It seems this Moonbat Masquerade is taking on an identity all it's own. I had started this "party" to highlight moonbat COMMENTS on personal blogs, however, it has taken a twisted turn and now I'm getting submissions about moonbats in general, public figures and such. So, what the heck....we'll do it your way. I am always open to new ideas and feel I am pretty flexible. I do kinda like your ideas better anyway.

Here are four submissions for your viewing.

We have two entries from Reaganites Unite. First up is a blog entry titled, 'Get It at Porky's; A Pork-o-nalysis of Alaska's Don Young', need I say more? Well, you know I would say more but the author submitted his own commentary for the submission.

I saw the media interview this bozo a few days ago and heard him say in reference to the suggestions we cut the pork in the highway bill, "You don't know what the hell you're talking about... It's just ignorance and stupidity". This guy wants to bend us over and then has the gall to get offended because we don't like it!

And then there is this, Blank-O Alert!, also from Reaganites Unite,
Of all the possible outbreaks following the Biblical deluge of New Orleans, Gov. BLANK-O has apparently developed foot-in-mouth disease...

This article goes on to point out,
Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00:
'The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating'...
Which is then followed by the infamous picture of all the school buses parked in a flooded lot. There are some other good things over there as well, like the Louisana STATE Department of Homeland Security... RUN BY Gov. BLANK-O, DENIED the Red Cross and Salvation Army access to the Superdome and Convention Center.

Next moonbat comment is submitted by My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The headline reads, "Zarqawi Dead, Again". What's that you say? Yes, that's right folks, we killed the guy and then have brought Abu Musab Al Zarqawi "back from the dead" to justify this war. I wonder if they have Elvis and Roswell Area 52 aliens over there too?

Check this crap out,
Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, is dead but Washington continues to use him as a bogeyman to justify a prolonged military occupation, an Iraqi Shia cleric said in an interview published here on Friday.

Sheikh Jawad Al Kalesi, the imam of the al-Kazemiya mosque in Baghdad, told Le Monde newspaper: “I don’t think that Abu Musab Al Zarqawi exists as such. He’s simply an invention by the occupiers to divide the people.”

And last but certainly not least we have this from Satire's blog. I personally don't know what to think of this next entry. You go look and decide. They submitted and I'm posting, you can lash out at me next time. I am of the "live and learn" type generation.

But here's a little taste,
"Who Wants To Be A Raped Muslim Immigrant Millionairess" Reality Show A Screaming Success In Canada

Well, that is it for the Moonbat Masquerade, please stay tuned next week for hopefully a better "well thought out" mockery of the delusional. Hey, I've been busy, so sue me.

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September 22, 2005

Last Call...

Well sort of. Tomorrow night is the Moonbat Masquerade, so get your submissions in now. I'll also be taking them throughout the day tomorrow. I have THREE submissions so far, better than last week when only one brave soul made it known they have moonbat comments on their site.

Well, I say I have three moonbat masquerade submissions thought two of them really aren't comments on the owner's sites. Well, you'll just have to come back tomorrow late evening and read them for yourself. But one of them is, well, I don't know, just come back tomorrow and you decide.

For submission guidelines go here to this other site.

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September 21, 2005

Houston Vs. New Orleans

Evacuation comparison in pictures. What's that saying? A picture says a thousand words? Well, it's something like that.

H/T: Conservative Grapevine

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Bob Parks

After all, black people should get down on their knees and appreciate a liberal government that gives them everything they need, right?

Full Article

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I Heart All Things Italian

And here is yet another reason to love the Italians.

H/T: The Cotillion

Here is an article By Stefania Lapenna titled, "A Farewell To Imams".

Some excerpts:
After the London bombings, most of Europe has begun to wake up to the nature of the enemy and many concede that nobody is immune to it. Over the last few weeks, the Italian interior minister, Giuseppe Pisanu, has toughened anti-terror laws and made hate speech punishable with jail or forced expulsion.

And then there is this, also from the same article:
What is certain is that a network of controversial groups organizes illegal actions, and thus violates the Italian law. One of these is the so-called "Islamic Anti-Defamation League" (IADL) established by a minority of Muslims whose goal is "monitoring anti-Islamist writings and defeating racism". In truth, it is nothing but an anti-constitutional group willing to limit free speech, mainly criticism of Islam and certain aspects of it.

Some IADL members have been monitoring several blogs, threatening the owners with lawsuits defaming and publishing personal info of those who "dare" to criticize fundamentalism. Among the victims of this intimidation is a columnist for liberal newspapers such as Il Riformista and L'Opinione. The owner of a self-titled blog is "guilty" of posting about the "anti-imperialist camp's" secret ties to terrorist organizations. A member of the "monitoring group" has commented on his blog warning him to "rest assured that, from today, you have new visitors". But the blogger has responded by informing the investigative authorities, who have opened an inquiry into this secret organization.

All I can say is BRING IT ON!

Last sentence, very important indeed:
The next move will tell us whether Italy has once and for all realized that tolerance toward intolerance has failed.

Rock on Stefania!

Ms. Lapenna is the owner of the blog titled, "Free Thoughts" as well as a Cotillion member.

Yeah, more Technorati Tags: , ,

Still have no idea what Technorati Tags are but I keep puttin' up there.

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September 20, 2005

Catholic GOP Team

Calling all Republican Catholics, looky what I found:

As Catholics, our faith enlightens our political choices. We face a clear choice in the Republican Party under the leadership by President Bush and his vision of a compassionate conservative America. This vision combines the importance of personal responsibility, protection of human life and support for the family with compassionate policies such as tax relief, education reform and accountability, prescription drug assistance for seniors, and support for international human rights. The Republican Party makes it possible for Catholics to uphold both the culture of life and social justice in a way that the Democrat platform does not. The mission of Catholic Outreach is therefore to continue the realignment of Catholics as members of The Republican Party.

Catholic Headline News

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Snob, Snobberish, and Snobbery

"Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one's own past failings." - Cary Grant

"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery." - Yves Saint Laurent

"Snobbery is the pride of those who are not sure of their position" - Berton Braley

You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every
book ever published. You are a fountain of
endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and
never fail to impress at a party.
What people love: You can answer almost any
question people ask, and have thus been
nicknamed Jeeves.
What people hate: You constantly correct their
grammar and insult their paperbacks.

What Kind of Elitist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

While I admit to being a snob to a certain extent, I do remember I have MANNERS! Maybe it's just a southern thing, to have manners and USE THEM, I don't know. But I find it disheartening to see people act like snobs; not just snobs but the mean spirited, rude-assiness snobbery which of course you know is shameful indeed.

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September 19, 2005

The Cotillion

Image Hosted by

Image by

It's Tuesday and that means it's Cotillion time. In the past, when it came time for Cotillion I would only throw up the hostesses links. Today is going to be a little different. The following bloggers are hosting the Cotillion today and so I thought instead of just throwing up their links I would dig around on their blogs and highlight some of THEIR writing while they are highlighting everyone else's writing.

After getting offered not ONE, not TWO, but THREE jobs, Crystal Clear takes a position and it sounds wonderful. Anyone wanting to work with children ranks way up there in my book, for what it's worth. Way to go Crystal and congratulations.
So I called back with more questions regarding the position of Director of Mental Health Programs and accepted the offer! I decided to not wait for the other Director position to make an offer next week because after a great deal of soul-searching it really seemed to me that the consistent pattern and passion in my life has always been children and likely always will be serving the underserved children and watching out for the kids many people consider "throw aways".

While I'm not up with all the female vs. male bloggers thing, cause damn I just really don't give a shit and I just like to write and let it go, Fistful of Fortnights says what I have been thinking all along with assumptions and the blogosphere and nails it,
The point is - the bullshit was completely based upon assumptions - mostly relating to the hyperbole that dictates my thoughts and spills onto the keyboard. Now it is understood that this is a mere writing method used to satirize a variety of things. And yeah, sometimes I just like fucking around when I write. I admit it.

Filed under the category titled, "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm", Soldier's Angel - Holly Aho has a brief history lesson,
I was curious after hearing a statement by another soldiers' angel, "Native Americans have a high percentage of service in the military" (refering to population vrs service). I decided to do a little research. I knew of the code talkers and other stories of Native Americans in the military, but I guess I didn't know a whole lot.

Like looking through family photo albums? Well then, Sonda K found some great vacation photos of the Bush family. Ya gotta love a "hunter-gatherer" kinda man.

So those are your hostesses for this week's Cotillion. Enjoy.
Crystal Clear
Fistful Of Fortnights
Soldier's Angel
Sondra K.

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And when you get done with the Cotillion go check out the Bonfire of the Vanities hosted, this week, over at File It Under.

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What in the hell is a Technorati Tag anyway?

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Sicko Woman Pedophile!

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- A 30-year-old woman (Tammy Imre) who believed she was in a "fantasy relationship" with her daughter's 8-year-old playmate admitted having repeated sexual contact with the boy and accepted a plea deal Monday that likely will send her to prison for six years.

Image Hosted by

Both parties pleaded down to a "risk of injury to a minor". She molested an EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY for God's sake!

Defense attorney Donald Papcsy said Imre suffers from a mental problem that made it hard for her to know that what she did was wrong.

Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

I am so goddamn sick of all this "whoa is me I didn't know what I was doing" crap! I wish the boy's parents hadn't agreed to the lesser charges. This says to other child molesters that they won't get punished because the parents won't want the children to go through some sort of god awful trial. Someone stand up for these children for cryin' outloud! It just pisses me off to no end.

One of her sickass letters to the EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD:

"Baby, I loved what we did! ... Behind the tree, that shows me you love me. You know I love you! OK, I know we can't have - - - every single day, but! We should have some long kisses every day just to show that we love each othee [sic], OK? Can you promise me that and keep the promise! I love you!"

Full Story

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Blogger's Tag: Diggers Realm

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The Bonfire!

Can you believe it's that time of the week again? Yes, submit your worst post to The Bonfire of the Vanities. Not to be confused with this Bonfire though.

My submission reminder email said to have your submission in today before noon, Easter time. Yes, you know I sent one in. It was hard to choose this week, however. But I eventually found one worthy of a Bonfire mockery of the merciless.

This week's Bonfire number 116 is hosted at File It Under.

There are a few ways you can submit your post. You can email Wizbang with your submission, or you can go to Conservative Cat and fill out his online form.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth in shameful promotion and enlarge that ego of yours with self-deprecating humor. You know you want to.

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September 18, 2005

Vince Aut Morire

While the fat, dumb and happy in the blogosphere bitch about stupid shit, our enemies stay focused on doing what comes naturally to them. Killing us.

Read more from Vince Aut Morire...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Wake up people! Stand up!

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Are We Bloggers Just As Fickle As The MSM?

I know I said I wasn't going to do any blogging today, or not at least until later tonight. I changed my mind, get over it. I am temporarily suspending personal posting.

While searching for the latest headlines I found "Keeping Natalee in the Spotlight" from As I read through the article my first thought was how the MSM dropped Natalee like a hot potato for the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and rightly so I guess. However, do they have to drop her completely? Sure I have seen little snippets on Greta and such but it certainly isn't being covered like it once was. My how the MSM is fickle. And then there is the infamous Cindy Sheehan coverage.

Then my thought went to, "well I certainly haven't read any bloggers lately who have posted on Natalee." So, I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling again.

With Joran van der Sloot in college in Holland now, Twitty decided to move her base of operations back to Birmingham. "But I'll be flying back and forth to Aruba," she says. "We are not giving up on Natalee. Until somebody shows me otherwise, I have to believe my daughter's alive."

"Some of the places we've had to go to look for my daughter would make you sick," she says in that now-familiar flat Southern accent. She's talking about the Aruban crack houses, the live-girl shows and the other seedy places she and Jug have gone in the middle of the night when the phone rings with a Natalee sighting.

"We'd get a call about a body on the side of the road, and we'd rush out to see if it was Natalee," Twitty says. "It got to where you'd sleep with your clothes on so you could just get up and run."

There have been a few e-mails and blog posts accusing Twitty of being a media hound. Her friends and family know her as anything but. "Beth's actually kind of a quiet person, and private," DeBardeleben says.

This one is probably the Cindy Sheehan cult followers that are accusing Twitty of being a media hound. I wouldn't put it past them. But I digress and am losing my focus.

The linked article goes on to talk more about Beth Twitty and I found that troubling. I want to know updates about Natalee.

Go to for more reward information and the latest headlines and news.

Cross-Posted at Conservative Thinking

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Taking The Day Off

Open Trackbacks!

I'm taking the day off from blogging. Well, maybe I'll get back on here late, late tonight and have something to say. We shall see.

The baptism went wonderfully last night. What a precious thing to witness and experience. The regular readers here will know that my children were baptized into the Roman Catholic church last night. It was awesome. And it was nice to get together with friends afterwards. It was nice to feel whole again, if even for a few minutes.

I rented three movies today. "Fever Pitch" which we will watch later tonight as family. "Empire Falls", I didn't even know this was a movie. Have been wanting to get around to reading the book, but now that the movie is here why bother. Maybe I'll read it some time in the future. And then there is "Winter Solstice", I wonder if this one is from the book also?

As I said in the beginning, OPEN TRACKBACKS. Please include a link to me in your post that you are trackbacking to me. Appreciate it.

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September 17, 2005

Something To Do

While some of you are drunk blogging here is something fun for you to do this evening. I am in process of putting up guidelines about my blog. What I had proposed earlier, a few weeks ago, was for YOU to write my guidelines for me.

What I was looking for was some smart-assery snarks. I know ya'll got it in ya. You know something like, "No spamming, that is meat in a can and saved for desperate occassions only, and I reserve the right to eat it any time I want deleting the spam on a whim." You know, shit like that.

If you submit to me your guidelines for my blog I will of course give you credit and a link back.

So, drink up and write away. I'll correct all drunk typos.

MacStansbury has submitted a boat load of guidelines for me, and I'll post them and link to him for it. Cause I do feel the need for seriousness at times. Thanks.

I'll list both smart-assery guidelines and the serious stuff.

Submit to the_gray_tie at yahoo dot com

Or hell, just put your submissions in the comment section, or trackback them.

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September 16, 2005

Moonbat Masquerade Debut

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The long awaited Moonbat Masquerade makes it's debut tonight. I only wanted to start this new carnival to be a part of the "cool crowd". So what is a Moonbat Masquerade you ask. The following information regarding a masquerade is from Wikipedia.

A masquerade ball is a ball, dance, or party; in which, participants wear elaborate costumes and hide their true identity.

Masquerade, is also a kind of attack in data communication, in which a third party tries to mislead the communication participants using forged information.

Yeah, like you need that spelled out for you. On with the party.

Only one submission was sent in for this premiere tonight. This gal is always getting Moonbat comments and occassionally she showcases them on her own blog, like she did with the following. You gotta love a blogger who has the guts to do that, now don't ya?

Beth at MY Vast Right Wing
presents Idiotarian
Commenter of the Year

The excerpt from entity 47 reads,

this is my first time reading this persons writing. you sound like an Al-Qaeda terrorist seeking vengeance against the west. except ur on the opposite side of the spectrum.

so much for freedom, democracy and humanity.

Now, knowing Beth (only from her blogging) I know this comment sent her into a fit of hysterical laughter at first because of the typing/spelling/grammar, or whatever it is this Moonbat wants to call it; the "ur" tips us all off right away of where this one is coming from.

Not only does Beth have one Moonbat comment highlighted on her blog, but she has a second listed as well. One who links to, are you ready for this, Robert Tsk Fisk. This one really got Beth on the floor rolling with laughter. Go look for yourself.

And looky here, I do have my own submission after all. It came in today as a matter of fact. It's not really a Moonbat so to speak, it really wasn't all that harsh. But this person gave me a good dressing down regarding my Under God post. Whatever.

That's it for the debut folks. Check back next LATE Friday night for another edition of the Moonbat Masquerade. A little more participation please? Let's not be shy now.

Thanks Mac for the suggestion of doing a midnight masquerade. I'll remember this in the morning when I have to get up early, you'll be cussed at. And Ranger Tom, next time submit that one of yours, will ya?

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OK, brilliant idea here. If you have any Moonbat Masquerade material then do a trackback here pointing to your comment. I want to test my trackbacks anyway. This may become part of the Masquerade in the future.

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Some Sex Offenders Get To Quit Probation

This from The Arizona Republic, some excerpts followed by my deliverance of judgment on the whole demented notion of letting sex offenders off their probation.

Sex offenders who were supposed to be monitored for life are beginning to ask to be let off probation in Maricopa County - and some of their requests are getting the OK....

...Those who agree with them say there should be some sort of "light at the end of the tunnel" to motivate sex offenders to comply with treatment requirements and behavioral restrictions.

The light at the end of the tunnel should be a freight train barreling down the tracks at the monsters, running over their sick asses. "Comply with treatment.." what a joke. Oh hell while we are at it let's just let all the killers and rapists out of prison and off of death row who say they have found God or who tell us they have been rehabilitated. I believe them, don't you?

Before a judge terminates that, he looks at the severity of the offense and whether the concerns that initially triggered lifetime monitoring have been addressed. Also factored into the decision are the sex offender's performance on probation, risk assessments, and the victim's opinion.

I have a few names for you on this one: Joseph Edward Duncan and his previous dumbass Judge Thomas Schroeder.

Those most likely to get a second chance include offenders involved in statutory rapes or incestuous relationships.

Oh well then, those types of sex offenders are fine to let off probation. Wake up people! What makes those sex offenders any less dangerous? This is stupidity at it's fullest. Incestuous "relationships", sickening. I can guarantee you that the victim of the incestuous "relationship" was not a volunteer. But go ahead and let them off their probation cause they are "different". Makes me want to spew.

But Charles Onley, a research associate at the Center for Sex Offender Management, cautioned, "Not all sex offenders are the same.

"You may have guys who are in for Internet porn and never touched a kid. You may have guys in for statutory rape. There's a lot to be said for what type of offender you have there. How much of a threat does he actually present to the community?"

Anyone care to take a stab at what makes them different? Didn't think so. For the pedophiles the one thing they have in common is CHILDREN whether it's "just looking at porn" or whatever, still a crime and still a pedophile and still a sicko that needs to be locked up far away from society! Hello?!

Cross-Posted at Conservative Thinking

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The Masquerade

Don't forget, later tonight the Moonbat Masquerade will debut. The deadline was last night for submissions but since this is the first time out for the Masquerade I'll go ahead and take some more submissions throughout the day. Besides, I have only gotten ONE submission so far. Wll post the Moonbat Masquerade late, late tonight and it will probably stay up all day Saturday.

Image Hosted by

Moonbat Masquerade Guidelines
Online Submission Form

OK then, I'm off for a busy day planned ahead of me today. Yeah, how about that? I do have a life.

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September 15, 2005

Ghost Town

Man, it has been really quiet here today. I think maybe Uncle Vito has visited.

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September 14, 2005

What Time Is It?

Damn, I can't believe I'm getting up from this computer at 9:33pm central time. But I do have a movie to watch; Crash. I've had it now for five days, it's a rental. It was due back today. Oh well.

OH yeah, meant to tell ya'll, the kiddies are getting baptized this Saturday. I wonder if some idiotic athiest will "flag this" for reading the word "baptized" on my blog? Whatever.

Ya'll be good. Wait, that's no fun.

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Katrina Commission Turned Down

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate Republicans on Wednesday scuttled an attempt by Sen. Hillary Clinton to establish an independent, bipartisan panel patterned after the 9/11 Commission to investigate what went wrong with federal, state and local governments' response to Hurricane Katrina.

The New York Democrat's bid to establish the panel -- which would have also made recommendations on how to improve the government's disaster response apparatus -- failed to win the two-thirds majority needed to overcome procedural hurdles. [...More...]

Well, thank God!

But wait! Somebody grab me the puke bucket; New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin joins Larry King to discuss what went wrong and how his city will rebuild, tonight, 9 p.m. ET.

Now this ought to be good, in a sick kind of way. Should provide for lots of blogging material.

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Under God

A federal judge declared the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools unconstitutional Wednesday in a case brought by the same atheist whose previous battle against the words "under God" was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on procedural grounds.

"Undoubtedly, the pledge contains a religious phrase, and it is demeaning to persons of any faith to assert that the words `under God' contain no religious significance," Judge Karen Williams wrote for the 4th Circuit. "The inclusion of those two words, however, does not alter the nature of the pledge as a patriotic activity." [...More...]


I thought this crap was over but I should know better. As long as you have the far left extreme God hating nimrods out there this will never go away. What are these people afraid of anyway? And you know what else? When I hear the word God I don't think of Baptist, Church of Christ, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, or even Christian or anything religious. The word God to me is non-demoninational, He is all inclusive. He loves the athiests too, much to my chagrin.

The article also goes on to say that the judge ruling on this would go as far as to sign a restraining order preventing the recitation of the pledge. See what I mean about "extreme"?

So, why can't the athiest when reciting the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance just think about themselves? What's so difficult about that? I mean they think they are gods anyway, so why not get an ego boost out of thinking the Pledge is about them?

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God."

Coercive requirement? Laughable.

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Ann Coulter Gets Dumped

The Arizona Daily Star dropped Ann Coulter's column this month, accusing her of being "shrill, bombastic, and mean-spirited." Translation: since the New York Times stopped permitting online newspapers to carry its syndicated columns, the paper had to get rid of their lone conservative columnist for balance. [...More...]

It's just like the liberal media to drop someone like Ann Coulter because they don't agree with her. The whole excuse of dropping her because she is conservative to make the paper balanced is one huge joke. It's more like balancing the scales to sit flatly on the ground to the left side. Whatever. Don't sweat the small stuff Ann.

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No wonder I had only a hand few of commenters. I had "registered users only" turned on. I have changed it now to "anyone can comment". Sorry.

Other stuff; I noticed on my BlogHop rating that two people said they HATED my blog. All I have to say to those people is if you hate my blog please leave your moonbat comments here so I can use them in the Moonbat Masquerade Carnival.

I just received notice from the Conservative Cat that the Moonbat Masquerade now has it's own submission form at that site. So, now it is official. To submit your information for the Moonbat Masquerade you can now use this handy-dandy online form from Conservative Cat. Cool, huh? Of course you can always email it to me as well. If you'd like to host this event let me know that too. Uh, right now it's wide open.

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September 13, 2005

Listen Up

I don't feel I owe anyone an explanation of why I went to blogging anonymously. But I have been wanting to clear something up for a while now. Let's get this out and put it behind us and move on into the blogosphere, shall we?

And yes, I'm going to break my anonymity and come on out.

Awhile ago, on my old blog where I was not anonymous I had a huge misunderstanding with another blogger. Some emails were exchanged, and with my blown out of proportion ego and warped perception I took these emails way out of context and I overreacted. I do that sometimes. So you may want to take that into consideration if you are thinking of emailing me. See number 48. LOL

Anyway, things have been smoothed over and amends have been made and that's that. End of story and I hope this is the last time I feel the need to talk about this topic.

Ok then, if you give any kind of crap about wanting to know who "The Gray Tie" is then check out "About Gray Tie", which will now become a permanent link on the sidebar.

Let the madness begin ;-)

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Bonfire Of The Vanities

Part-Time Pundit is hosting this week's Bonfire. Sign up at Wizbang for email reminders on submission deadlines. Promote thyself!

For you midnight bloggers, I might have another post in me tonight. Who knows. Here's a hint, maybe; somewhere on my blog you will find me. Good luck and NO CHEATING. Or hell, just come back later and perhaps you will find the link right in front of your eyes, along with a potential new blog entry.

Is that vague enough for ya?

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September 12, 2005

Bush Hates White Woman

No wait, Bush only hates the young widows of America. I think we are probably a minority so it would only be the next logical step to assume he hates us.

It's Bush's fault that I am all alone these days. You see, Bush hates me. He hasn't come down here to give his obligatory photo-op with me, he hasn't come down here to hold my children, or to pinch their rosy and innocent cheeks while giving the thumbs up to the camera crew. Bush hasn't sent anyone down here on his behalf to see how we are getting along and to hand over a $2,000 debit card with which I can purchase $800.00 Louis Vuitton handbags. He really must hate me.

President Bush most certainly did not come down here before I was widowed to make sure that I had everything arranged and in place, like wills and insurance and papers in order, and to help prepare me for the awful, chilling and unsettling, but inevitable fate that was awaiting me. Bush hates me and it's all his fault.

Now tell me that isn't the most crackbrained, delusional, and deranged thing you have read all day.

I watched Al Sharpton on Fox News last night and I was nauseated by his views and opinions of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I understand people wanting to lash out and blame someone for this disaster. I mean people have died and people are suffering and it's only human nature to want to seek blame, I understand that, trust me I do.

So, if it makes them feel better to blame everything on Bush then have it but don't stay stuck there. Forgive, find the solution, and do not repeat the mistake again. You know the definition of insanity don't you? It's like when you misplace your car keys and you look around the house, and you keep looking under the same cushion, over and over again expecting to find them there.

But it is NOT George W. Bush's fault. It is not. He does not hate black people. I mean can you imagine that hours after this hurricane came ashore he looked at his FEMA people and said, "oh what the hell, don't bother, they are poor and black." That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. It just didn't happen like that. I suppose if you are going to say Bush hates black people and are going to blame him for this disaster you might as well go ahead and blame him for all the people wanting to live there in Lousiana. It's his fault they moved there in the first place, right?

Do you not remember that for HOURS no one knew the extent of damage, no camera crews could get in, no electrical power anywhere in sight, phone lines down, and let's not forget the rescue people having to go in after the idiots who DECIDED TO STAY and the looters. Well, the looters are a-whole-nother story.

And the violence that came from it's own community; gangs and punks trying to take over a wounded and destroyed city. And people wonder why the dead are STILL laying around? Uh, have they quickly forgotten all the mess they had to deal with in the Superdome? I have seen all the pictures of school busses lined up in flooded waters, just sitting there empty and flooded now. What a waste. Which reminds me, where was Cindy Sheehan and her tour bus? Why didn't she let her tour bus go and help shuffle the people from the Superdome to the Astrodome? Wait, I certainly do not want to blame her.

Listen, hurricane Katrina was a force of nature; more like a freak of nature. The hurricane was NOT Bush's fault. And neither was what happened afterwards. Period. End of story.

Two words: personal responsibility.

I am learning my responsibilities, especially new ones. President Bush does NOT hate me. He does NOT have some personal vendetta for me. It is not his job to coddle me. Just like it wasn't his job to personally sit down in Lousiana and write out a disaster plan for the Governor. And no he does not hate white women or young widows.

This southern gal is still proud to have George W. Bush as President of the United States. And with that, I'll say good night.

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Dumbass Question

If I break my half-assed attempt at anonymity will I get more readers and linkage?

Most of you know who I am anyway. It seems I have blacklisted myself by quitting my other blog and going for anonymity. I deserve the cold shoulder, I admit it. People are hesitant to link to a new blog, especially this one because they are afraid I will quit again, or maybe it's just because I suck.

Sitemeter says I have had a total of 11 readers today! Wooohooo. It's a start. Anyway, I wanted your opinion, although I know what your answer will be.

I could keep blogging away under this quasi-anonymity act and keep on trackbacking and linking to other blogs and earn my way back, or I could suck it up and come on out of the closet (not THAT closet). I really don't think breaking my anonymity will cause my readership to increase though. And breaking my anonymity might make me go back to writing fluffy fake crap, not being able to be myself for fear of whatever.

Personally, I would like to tell you who I am and then be able to NOT give a damn what anyone thinks about me. That would be heaven. Maybe I can hide a link on here to a page that tells you who I am, hhmmmm.

But then again, I kind of like the small readership. What am I complaining about? It's safe.

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September 11, 2005


OK, is it just me or does it drive everyone else crazy too that some news anchors do NOT know how to speak? I hate it when they say "gel" when they mean "jail". Drives me up the wall I tell ya.

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Shadows and Carnivals

Hey, does anyone else have this thing called "SHADOW"? I signed up for it a few days ago and I even have a tool bar now for it, but I have no idea how to work the damned thing. I've tried dabbling with it and reading the FAQs and all that but I have yet to figure out of it's use.

In other non-important stuff, anyone want to participate in the Carnival of the Moonbat Comments? Yes? No? Maybe? Go to hell? I have created a cool graphic and everything!

OK, here it is....

Image Hosted by

I think I have posted about this before, starting some kind of new carnival. This is the choice of my liking. I know MacStansbury has started the Bonfire of the Anonymity and that is all fine and well, the more the carnivals the more the merrier I say.

Since MacStansbury hasn't yet put up a day of the week for his new carnival I'd like to suggest Friday for the Carnival of the Moonbats. This way you can collect all of your moonbat comments from the week (that is if you haven't banned them or deleted them) and send them in for a great big ole feast to be served up for fun and laughter for your Friday night dates. What do you say folks?

I have my first moonbat comment. Well, it was pretty tame, but still; it had no cussing and it only said I lived in fairyland.

But I have to wonder if the carnival would make the moonbats fly for cover? Or would it encourage them to make dumbass comments so they can get highlighted? Ah, well, there is a catch to this carnival. We would not give them a link of course, nor mention their blog names or email addresses. No, we would simply direct the readers to OUR site, the entry that the moonbat commented on. Cause you know moonbats rarely give their information out anyway. This carnival is more or less a way to make fun of OURSELVES and of course use it as another vehicle to promote the hell out of our blogs.

Hesitation is being played in my head for this carnival due to negative attention, but what the hell? Can we not do this in the spirit of having a little harmless fun? Like I said, we would be making fun of OURSELVES, somehow.

So, if you'd like to participate in this new carnival here is what you do.

First, steal the graphic, hosting it at your own place; or make one of your own.

Promote it on your site.

Start gathering up your moonbat comments, yes you can submit more then one.

Submit them to me at the_gray_tie at yahoo dot com by Thursday; 9:00pm central time is cut-off.

You may add your own commentary if you wish or you can leave it up to ME to chastise the entry and the moonbat.

Volunteer to host the damned thing.

These procedures are subject to change. I have a sneaky suspicion I may be the ONLY ONE participating in this for a while, heck maybe for a long time. Whatever. I have nothing else to do. Oh OK, what I am really doing here is trying to get my blog noticed, OK? There I admitted it.

Also, if you have a better name like Moonbat Masquerade, which I love by the way, please feel free to let me know about that too. I am liking Moonbat Masquerade though. Will have to go and change graphic now.

Someone let me know if they think this is the most obsurd, most stupid, and asanine thing they have ever heard of in their entire blogging life.

Oh and while I'm thinking of it I'd like to share with you a conversation I had today with Magnificent Manchild. And this is totally off topic.

Magnificent Manchild: "Hey Mom, is Mickey Mouse a real person?"

Me: "No son, it's just a person dressed up in a costume."

Magnificent Manchild: "Well, is Walt Disney a real person?"

Me: "Yes son, he was a real person, in fact he died on my birthday."

Magnificent Manchild: "You mean like last year?"

Me: "No, I mean he died the DAY I was born."

Magnificent Manchild: "Oh, he was old then wasn't he?"

Now, was Magnificent Manchild trying to say that Disney was old when he died or was he trying to say he died a LONG TIME AGO? I am still pondering it.

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September 10, 2005

Iraq and Afghanistan Progress Reports and Remembering Nine Eleven

Yes, this is a few hours early but thank GOD, and thanks to all the brave men and women of our military, I will have the freedom and privilege to go to Sunday School and to Mass tomorrow morning.

While everyone else is blogging today on "Remembering 9/11" I want to bring to you the good news and progress being made in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some would say that the war in Iraq is an unjustified war, that it had no bearing on 9/11, I say horseshit. After we were attacked on that day I remember watching the President from his ranch telling the American people that terrorism will not be tolerated by us, that whoever feeds, aids, or harbors a terrorist will pay. The war in Iraq is justified to me with his words. WMDs or no WMDs, call it an oil raid, you can say it's another Vietnam if ya want, again I say horseshit. But I digress.

From Afghanistan:

Progress and Accomplishments
And then there is the progress for the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan and it includes some cool before and after pictures of it's building.

This is a good read, Coalition, NATO forces take pride in Afghanistan's progress. (19 hours from this post) Here's an excerpt:

Two or three years ago, General Foglesong said he drove through the Afghan capital of Kabul and saw groups of older men on street corners, but not much else. Six months later, young men began appearing, many of them opening up shops and bringing their families along, he said. A year later, young women and children -- long hidden from view under the Taliban regime -- began walking around.

"You could feel the town come alive. It's vibrant now," the general said. "It's a refresher course for me in national enthusiasm to see what has happened in Afghanistan over the last two or three years."

General Foglesong said he is convinced the Afghans never want to return to the days of oppression when the Taliban ruled with an iron fist and terrorists operated freely.

"They have this taste of freedom now, and I don't think they'll ever go back," he said. [...more...]

And check this out from a former police chief from the U.S., Greg Hostettler, who took leave to go over to Afghanistan and help train their police staff. (7 hours reported from this posting)

Hostettler also said he witnessed the presidential elections, and was impressed. "Despite threats from the Taliban, especially to the women, not to vote, they came out in droves.
"The Taliban would come at night and post notes on their door saying, 'If you go out and vote, you're dead,'" he continued. "They still went out and voted. [...more...]

Here is a wonderful article from Voices of America titled, Afghan Women Running For Office - dated September 9, 2005. No excerpts, just go read the article, it's not that long but it's full of good news.

From Iraq:

Baghdad — The Iraqi prime minister sealed the northern border crossing into Syria on Saturday after complaints the neighbouring country was not doing enough to stop crossings by foreign fighters, and he imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the area near the Rabiaa frontier post.

The order went out as Iraqi forces, backed by American soldiers, swept into Tal Afar, an insurgent stronghold about 95 kilometres to the east, conducting house-to-house searches and battering down walls with armoured vehicles in a second bid to clean the city of militant fighters.

The order by Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari was read on Iraqi television by Interior Minister Bayan Jabr. The decree closed the border to all transportation, including the railroad, except for vehicles with special permission from the Interior Ministry. [...more from the Globe and Mail...]

The above article was found via The Iraqi News website.

Ask Questions A new public bridge to the media.

Submit your questions to the War and Peace section of the site regarding the war in Iraq.

From the Digital Freedom Network comes an open letter from Ray Reynolds, a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving in Iraq. It's dated December 3, 2004, some of you may have already seen this.

Yes, remember September 11, 2001. We must never forget. But I would also like to add one of my favorite quotes,

"Lord, teach us to laugh again but don't ever let us forget that we cried."


Do me a favor and light a candle today and pray.

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Image Hosted by

Photographs from September 11th

This nation is peaceful, but fierce when stirred to anger. This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others; it will end in a way and at an hour of our choosing.
~~ President George W. Bush, 14 Sep 2001, Prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral.

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{UPDATE} - Just throwing up some links and names so I can do trackbacks this morning.

And for other blogging Memoriams check out My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and Jo's Cafe.

By the way, welcome My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy readers. I've seen you trickling in from previous trackbacks. COOL! Now if I can only get some of Jo's Cafe regulars over that would be dandy!

Will the Cotillion being doing a "remembering Nine Eleven post? I surely hope so, one would think they would. Check back with them later, I am sure they will have something up for you soon.

Conservative Thinking has every single victims' names on his blog, now let's see ya'll do that! It also looks like he is doing a timeline of September 11th, 2001 as it happened.

Of course, I almost forgot, basil's blog is remembering too. Forgive me basil!

On a different note, Michelle Malkin will get your blood boiling with the new Flight 93 memorial; the crescent of embrace.

Yes, I have had to come in and edit this entry to include everyone's name and permalinks due to their trackback "policies". If you want to do a trackback here to this little ole site, well then, just do it.

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September 09, 2005


You are Joan of Arc! You don't really want to hurt
anyone, but if they attack your friends or your
country and no-one else will stand up to fight
them, you head into the battle. Beware though,
conviction tends to get you killed.

Which Saint Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, I never would have thought this about myself.

Found it at The Anchoress

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September 08, 2005

Stupid Support Group Thing

Oh OK, it wasn't so stupid after all. Although you just know I sat there with legs and arms crossed and with scowl look on my face, don't ya? But I was listening, intently. I was glad to be there and be with other people experiencing same thing. I won't say it was "nice" but it made me feel NOT so crazy.

Needless to say I think I'll go back and maybe "share" next time.

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Yeah, I'm Still Here

I am only home for an hour or two to let kids eat and do homework and then we are back out the door. I've been gone since 7:30 this morning, uh actually doing stuff and getting some much needed work done. But, ssshhhh, don't tell anyone! Granted, most of it was personal stuff but I did get SOME paperwork done that needed to be done. I hope to finish it off this evening.

Went out to eat with some girlfriends; went to Cracker Barrel and I pigged out! Ordered the Sunrise Sampler breakfast and proceeded to eat every last bite.

Today has been a good day I reckon. It is amazing what can happen when one gets up off arse and puts one foot in front of the other. But don't pat me on the back for shit I am supposed to be doing anyway! If ya do that then I'll get all full of myself again and the viscous cycle starts again.

Today is Thursday so I am going to try stupid support group again at 6:00 this evening. They had better not cancel on me this time dammit.

If you really don't give a flyin' flip about anything I typed above then check out the Bonfire of the Anonymity brought to you by MacStansbury.

Image Hosted by

I am so tired right now I can't even think of smart ass comment to make for MacStansbury and his Bonfire of the Anonymity; except that he must come up with better acronym than AotA or BotA. And I will break rules already because he says no trackbacks, well we'll see about that one!

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The Ratings, The Ratings!

OK, what gives with TTLB? Is he having some sort of issues? I have been 'slithering reptile' now for more then a week. Now, being a slithering reptile is not a bad thing, I don't mind at all; actually if fits. However, I have not moved up in 'numbers' AT ALL and I know I should be moving up in the numbers.

So today my question of the day is, "What the hell?"

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September 07, 2005

A Conversation, A Real One

Yes, I was sort of eavesdropping and then I could not help myself!

Liberal Friend to another Liberal Friend: "yeah, I saw where President Bush had his photo ops with some beautiful light skinned women of African descent down there in New Orleans."

Other Liberal Friend: (shaking head in agreement and disgust)

Me: "And your point is what exactly?"

Liberal Friend: "I just thought it was interesting."

Me: "And if he had been hugging, oh let's say some ugly ass Mexican then it would mean more for you?"

Liberal Friend: "Well no, but it just wasn't what was represented down there."

Me: "WHAT?! So those beautiful light skinned women weren't real? They were only a figment of the President's imagination? and yours? and mine?"

Other Liberal Friend: finally chimes in with, "but those 'people' don't represent the population down there."

Me: "Like I said, so those two beautiful light skinned women weren't real for you? They didn't count? They didn't suffer because they are beautiful to you?"

Liberal Friend: "Well, it would have been the same if Clinton would have been hugging two beautiful light skinned women, I still wouldn't agree with it, still a photo op."

Me: "No, if it had been Clinton it would be called Rated R."

OK, I really didn't say that last thing. I just rolled my eyes at them and gave up. Like talking to brick wall. But these two friends are very good friends of mine and we can agree to disagree. They hugged my neck and I hugged theirs and then we really got down to what was bothering me. Had a nice chat.

Oh hell, I forgot to update ya'll on stupid support group thing. I got all worked up and ready to go in swinging. So, I drive up to building, sit in car and smoke another cigarette and try to prepare mentally. Sit there for a good ten minutes. Get out of car, make sure I have keys in hand, lock door and slam it shut. When I get up to entrance there are signs posted saying, "All group meetings canceled for tonight." LOLOLOL Well, I was pissed off then, I tell ya! All that mental masturbation for NOTHING. They meet on Thursdays too. Now, they'll really get an earful from me.

Disclaimer for the politically correct: For my said comment above regarding "ugly ass Mexican", it was just a random thought pulled from thin air. Not all Mexicans are ugly and neither are their asses. Oh yeah, and GFY <--the politically correct, not Mexicans.

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Internet Explorer

All is right again in the world of Internet Explorer. I fixed it! After tinkering with this damned template for an hour or more I finally ended up TAKING OUT some code. I took out the Blog Title and Blog Description code. It apparently was making my ass too fat for monitor in IE!

Uh, and next time? Tell me I have toilet paper hanging out of my pants next time I come out of the bathroom! What is wrong with ya'll? Ya just ain't right I tell ya!

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Bonfire Of The Vanities

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has done a bang up job of the Bonfire Of The Vanities over at her place. CHECK IT OUT! You'll laugh til you pee your pants, I promise.

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September 06, 2005


I am in bad mood. Started this morning and I cannot shake it. I had plans on getting some stuff done today and I skipped it, went right back to bed and hid under the covers. *F* it is what I said.

Sold two vehicles in the last two weeks and though I did get the $$ I wanted out of them it still SUCKED. Hopefully soon I can show a picture of what I am buying with the money, it's not ready yet though. Still need to pay half of it off before they can install it. I spent way too much money on this "thing" but I do not care. It is a permanent thing that will last forever, for me and my children and their children to come. It will be a few more weeks before they can probably get it in place. So check back later. You'll know of what I speak of when you see it here.

Am thinking of going to some stupid support group tonight but I swear if they make me cry I will dog-cuss them. I am ready to lash out at someone. I WANT to lash out at someone. I am getting more pissed off by the moment.

Maybe babysitter will not be able to make it for me tonight and then I won't have to go to stupid support group thing. I suppose I don't have to go to stupid support group thing if I don't want to go; I am curious is all, like I said I am ready to LASH out at someone and these people might be right up my alley for doing so. I'll keep you posted.

Haven't had anything to eat all damned day either, might contribute to bad mood feeling. Ya think? God, now I have to get up and fix supper, for kids.

So cheer me up and leave your smart ass remarks now.

{UPDATE} Babysitter just called, she's coming at 5:15. SHIT! Looks like I can make it to stupid support group thing after all. SHIT! Now, I have to clean bathroom for babysitter. *F* it all and dammit to hell.

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I want to start some sort of new carnival. Any suggestions? Like there isn't enough out there already.

How about the Carnival of the South?

Carnival of the Rants? (orignal posts only)

Carnival of the Moonbat Comments? (submit your most ridiculous moonbat comments, that is if you haven't banned them or deleted them)

Carnival of the Ego? (submit your most PROUD piece for more exposure)

Anyone else?

Technorati Tag:

Just ignore this part; creating technorati tag for

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September 05, 2005

Trackbacks And Bad Days

What the hell? Can I not trackback to someone's blog who has their registration thingamajig turned on? Even when I do sign into their sites I still get errors when trying to do a trackback. Strange. Can someone enlighten me here, please? It's only happening with two blogs right now. Two blogs where you have to sign in to comment. Does that have anything to do with trackbacking? I have tried Haloscan trackback pinger thing and Wizbang's trackback pinger. What gives?

And then there is this, and to think I thought I was having a bad day! Sheez.

Image Hosted by
Courtesy Reuters

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Debbie Schlussel

A woman I hope to grow up to be like some day, and just for the sheer fact that she has a gripe against Oprah too, Ms. Schlussel is a woman after my own heart (wait, that didn't sound right), an excerpt from her blog,

On Monday, she plans a show with hip pop stars. Then on Tuesday, she will do her live "Oprah on the scene of Katrina" show, telling us what happened there--as if we didn't already know. We already know what happened there, courtesy of a gazillion REAL news organizations, who've been there while Oprah was AWOL. We do not need her reports now. The people there needed her help raising money, etc., last week. That Oprah will now be in New Orleans figuratively (and perhaps literally) standing on top of the dead bodies in the watery crypt to say, "Hey, look at me, Oprah, I'm here, too," is sickening. Her self-insertion into everything, even when it is unwarranted, as here, is annoying--and, in this deadly crisis, it is appalling.

Full Blog She has comments on so go on over there and bother her.

Oh yeah, Ms. Schlussel doesn't like Dr. Phil either. YES! Finally, I am not alone in this.

Regarding experiment; just as I thought.

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Hang On

Trying an experiment, stay tuned. If you see multiple posts here with nothing but jibberish in it, well then, just ignore it and maybe it will go away. I was going to say just keep walking, nothing to see here but why would I want to say something like that?

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Oh Boy,

Here we go folks. You knew it was coming.

WASHINGTON - With many blaming the growing scope of Katrina's devastation on the Bush administration, Sen. Hillary Clinton called yesterday for a 9/11-style probe into how the federal government responded to the crisis.

"It has become increasingly evident that our nation was not prepared," Clinton (D-N.Y.) said in a letter to Bush asking him to set up a "Katrina Commission." [more...]

Does no one up there in Washington have anything better to do? Bunch of crybabies and finger-pointers! I swear. Why don't they just ask for a probe/commission into Mother Nature's behavior?

Found it on Drudge, of course.

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Here We Go Again

Ramblings of a Regular Ron has a post up about the Red Cross falling short?

Here are some excerpts from the article:

"The Red Cross, they are ridiculous," said Tim Murry, a manager at Alexandria's Holiday Inn Convention Center, where 100 to 200 evacuees have lived since Katrina's landfall.

The hotel, like many other places with no Red Cross assistance, has sheltered and fed the southeastern Louisiana residents, or former residents, since they arrived: some yesterday, some a week ago.

Murry said he and Raj Patel, whose family owns the inn, on Friday tried to get the temporary tenants registered with the Red Cross but were met with resistance because of the emergency agency's steadfast adherence to its rules.

Before registering, the hotel would have to demand that evacuees leave, then they'd have to find a registration center and fill out a form supplied by a certified Red Cross volunteer, Murry said. [more...]

by Billy Gunn over at The Town Talk

I mean I hate to down The Red Cross but damn, do they not have any volunteers over there with common sense? Help hold The Red Cross accountable if you are giving money to them, and yes of course it's still a good thing in which to give. Just keep an eye on them, ok?

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Black & Right

OK, stop whatever you are doing, right now, and go to this man's site/blog. His name is Bob Parks and he has a most excellent post up and it is well worth the read and a link on YOUR site. Do it.

Blog Name: Black & Right and he is with Mens News Daily.

Please help pass this along, it's a great read. I am sure he doesn't need any help from us, but still.

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Death Toll

AP reports that New Orleans' mayor warns that 10,000 people may have died.

And to the people out there blaming Bush for this, or for not getting help in there sooner, have you forgotten that the media couldn't even get in for the first 24 to 48 hours? We had no clue of the extent of the devestation there, so back off! You are losing focus of what is important, as usual.

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Your Blog Should Be Red

Your blog is full of intensity and passion.
You are very opinionated - and people love or hate you for it.
You have the potential to be both a famous and infamous blogger.

Found it at

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George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People!

The Bush administration was also accused of racism on national TV during a celebrity relief effort on NBC.

Kayne West - first of all I have no idea who this person is, some sort of famous rapper but I am clueless since I don't follow rap music and NO I am not racist for not following rap music. Oh wait, that statement right there could be considered racist because it assumes that I think all rappers are African American, right? Whatever.

"George Bush doesn't care about black people!" exclaimed rapper Kayne West.

West continued:
I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, it says, "They're looting." You see a white family, it says, "They're looking for food." And, you know, it's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black. And even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give, and just to imagine if I was down there, and those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help – with the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible. I mean, the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way – and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!

OK, first of all, "the way they portray us in the media" ??? WTF? Is Mr. West not watching same disaster the rest of are watching?

Next, he has to call his business manager to find out the biggest amount to give? Damn.

Then there is the comment about imagining himself down there, well get on down there then Mr. West. Quit talking your talk and walk the walk. I hear Sean Penn has a boat you can ride in on, oh wait that's right, it sprang a leak and HE had to be rescued.

I am not even going to comment on the rest of crap. Because, quite frankly, I couldn't folow it or make sense out of what he was trying to say. Sorry, I just couldn't, anyone else want to take a stab at it?

FULL STORY HERE and yes it talks about other celebrity moonbats.


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Tim Russert, Blame Game, And Calling For Michael Chertoff's Resignation

I have no idea how reliable NewsMax is but found this at Jo's Cafe via a commenter named Leanne. It's an interesting read. Full Story Here

I was surprised Sunday to watch Tim Russert, on his show "Meet the Press," tear into Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff. During his encounter with Chertoff, Russert did not suggest once that local government had any role in dealing with the disaster. Russert also asked for Chertoff's resignation.

Also found at Jo's Cafe, a story about who else? Yes, Sean Penn; love blogging about these Hollywood mooncalfs (or is that mooncalves?). I heard on the news the other day that John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, and who knows who else is going to show up for photo ops. It was funny though, the reporter was trying to ask the person about the "BIG ONE" coming and the guy said, "Oprah" and the reporter meant the PRESIDENT! Damn star-struck, simple-minded, overstressed masses, and shame on Hollywood for taking advantage. Whatever.

Oh yeah and one more thing, totally unrelated; check out Pot Belly Stove's question regarding the big M. I'm impressed, indeed. I'd like a follow up on this, please. But I suppose no one is perfect.

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